Four-Dimensional Outlook foundation is founded by persons who are well-versed in jurisprudence and Human Rights, Audite , Applied science, Local Media , Social activities and management of Regional and local government system.
We are confident that our guide and advice will be usefull having a reliable information on business opportunities in our Region and will encourage you at first to make a business trip to Vanadzor.
Factual knowledge of investment climate and opportunities in the Lori Region and Vanadzor is our most essential tool to help them who has preferred our partnership to invest or interested to work with us to carry out charitable, cultural and other projects in Vanadzor.
Our goal is to create progress and results for Your activity In Vanadzor and Lori region, based on solid and reliable data and insights.
We want to be a part of positive changes in our region instead of migrating youth to Yerevan, support those who aimed to create jobs in our region. Lets make a large framework of equal growth in Armenia. Equal growth means growth in both Yerevan and the regions.

Welcome to #Lori Region and #Vanadzor.

Vartkes Kourouyan

Los Angeles,USA

My association with the FDO-Charitable Foundation goes back to its founding days.
I remember our first meeting in Yerevan, where we planning an organization to help people of Vanadzor through charitable, cultural and economic activities. I understand that during the last year, our Foundation had already achieved a great deal.
On December 2016, we helped No. 34 Kindergarten in Vanadzor , by providing teachers and stuff with monetary gifts and lunch and gifts and lunch to about 100 pupils. During 2016 and 2017, we helped needy families by distributing around forty large boxes of used clothing and 150 dental brushes and dental creams, some 12 boxes of new cloths, uniforms and sporting goods sent to Vanadzor from USA.
We helped young artists by providing paints, brushes, easels etc.Through the generosity of Mr. Harout Bronozian of USA, FDO established a TV-YouTube station.
FDO established a scholarship fund and helped some students to take professional - university courses. We helped some young people to establish their businesses and distribute their goods. This list can go on and on, but here is not the place to enumerate all of our Foundation's good deeds.

Best wishes to FDO Foundation’s future endeavors!

Our Partners

Veradardz Armenia Connections
Veradardz Armenia Connections LLC analyzes the needs of local small and medium-sized businesses and presents those to our partners in Diaspora. We are the middleman between the two sides, thus bringing investments to Armenia and finding foreign markets for local products. We organize business trips for those who want to know about Armenian business environment in general and/or are interested in specific business sector of Armenia.
Vanadzor municipality
Vanadzor is capital of Lori Marz, in the North Central part of Armenia. Vanadzor is Armenia's third largest city, with a population of about 81 000 people.
Since 2002, ACRPC has been associated with the United Nations Department of Public Information (UN DPI) and ACRPC has been awarded special consultative status by the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since 2007. ACRPC is a member of a number of networks: the Conference of NGOs in Consultative Status with the United Nations (CoNGO), CIVICUS World Alliance for Citizen Participation, Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP) Armenian coalition, Civil Society Partnership Network (CSPN).ACRPCis the coordinator of the Global Campaign for Education (GCE) Armenian coalition.
Our Media
Armweeklynews.am is an online newspaper which primarily covers Armenian and international political and social topics.Founded by FDO foundation.
Our Online TV channel
Our Video Production including the making of shot films, interviews, special news and debates with local authorities.
Our Media Partner
Fortuna Lori regional TV station is broadcasting over 50 rural communities in Vanadzor, Stepanavan, Tashir, Spitak, Alaverdi, Akhtala and their surroundings. Incorporating about 280,000 viewers, a potential audience. The TV company has its own and domestic multilateral programs
SME State Support
“Small and Medium Entrepreneurship Development National Center” Fund (SME Development National Center of Armenia) was established by Government of Armenia in 2002. SME Development National Center of Armenia has a branch in Vanadzor.SME Development National Center is authorized to provide state support to small and medium entrepreneurship (SME) in the country. The support is provided through implementation of annual SME State Support Programs with resources allocated from State budget.

Karen Karapetyan

Prime minister of the RoA

Today we have an over 7 million-strong Diaspora.
Many have stood by Armenia since its independence, representing Armenia at all corners of the globe, participating in the process of building our country in different formats. We are deeply grateful to them and appreciate this approach. It is also a fact that some of you were objectively or subjectively disappointed. What shall we do now: feel hurt and carry on like that? I am convinced that we have no right to be despondent, disappointed, frustrated, and disdainful to each other. It is just illogical and will lead us to a deadlock. Even if we do not have our share of sin, we all have something else we can do.
We need to straighten our back and continue building together the country we all dream about; the country that wakes up every day with firm determination to build, develop and add something new for the sake of its supreme value – the man.
We need an advanced and developed country that will have a gravitational force and will reverse the migration trends and will be able to resist such a painful phenomenon as is the isolation from the community, namely the “emigration from the Diaspora.” On this road, we must be realistic, sincere and constructive, get rid of all kinds of illusions, we must clearly and sincerely assess the expectations and reality of both Armenia and the Diaspora.
We need to agree on our further steps and future visions, evaluate our shortcomings, look forward optimistically, work out and persist.
Everyone can have a direct and immediate role in our development and reform process, regardless of citizenship, position, profession or irrespective of how many days is spent in Homeland: in a word, all those who are not indifferent to the fate of Armenia and wish to participate in the future of their homeland.
(Prime Minister's speech at the 6th Pan-Armenian Armenia-Diaspora Conference)

Mamikon Aslanyan

mayor of Vanadzor

Dear investors and guests.
The Priorities of our community development are: make Vanadzor a green, clean, well-equipped, with developed educational and cultural infrastructures attractive city with sufficient living conditions for the population and for guests. Therefor we have created Community development program for the coming five-year period and launched a special framework for our investment projects. The aim of the framework is to attract investments to the Vanadzor, to present the existing projects created by the staff of Vanadzor municipality to potential investors and to contribute to the implementation of investment projects in Vanadzor.
Eight investment projects are presented on www.vanadzor.am web page and waiting for investors.
In close cooperation with the Governor of the region of Lori, we will support the development of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as cultural tourism business formation in our city.
Hospitable Vanadzor welcomes all investors and business-trip guests, expressing confidence that all of them will find favorable conditions and support for their future activities in Vanadzor.